Are you able to deal with radicalisation in schools and colleges?
Delta Threat
are able to offer a number of seminars and workshops focusing on different aspects of personal security
So what do we mean by “Personal Security”? It covers a wide range of topics and skills ranging from developing people with low self-esteem, dealing with bullying either in the workplace or in schools and colleges to offering seminars to groups of people on how to survive in a volatile and maybe even a dangerous situation. We offer one to one sessions, group work from small numbers to large seminars and we tailor our material to what is required by the customer.
This work is not based around safe defence techniques, although there is some instruction in easy to use techniques as and when required. We offer more practical advice and techniques around awareness, attitude and life changing programmes.
Please contact us to see how we can improve your life!
Steve Sharkey
Tel: 07592509029
Security Consultant
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Tel: 07592509029